All Changes in 2022 are marked in green.

1. Registration

Start registration period: 5 February 2022.
End registration period: 25 February 2022, 11h00 pm CET.

  1. All participants of Chicabike 2021 will get an invitation for Chicabike 2022.
    They will a receive by e-mail a password for our login pages, where they can start building a team. After selecting a (partial) team for the first time, they will appear on the player list.

  2. Debutants (or chicabike participants in earlier years) can register by sending an e-mail to, which contains following information:
    Title of your e-mail: Registration Chicabike 2022
    Contents of your e-mail:
    Name and first name: ...
    City: ...
    Country: ...
    Birth date: ...
    E-mail address: ...
    Gender: m/f
    Personal website: ... [Optional]
    Name of your Chicabike team: ...
    When the registration is valid, you will receive a confirmation mail in the next 24 hours. This e-mail contains a password for our login pages, where you can start building your team.

  • There is no registration fee.

  • You can change the password that you receive, when you are logged in.

  • Everybody who hasn't selected a valid team at the end of the registration period, will be removed from the players list and will not participate in Chicabike 2022.

  • Each participant is allowed to subscribe with only 1 team. The organization has the right to refuse a team when there are clear signs that 1 person is sending in more than one team using other names.

  • Family members can't use the same e-mail address. 

  • Each participant is granted a 'back number'. This back number is equal to your final position in Chicabike 2021. People who did not participate last year get a back number in order of registration.

  • The organization has the right to refuse the team name of a participant, when this team name is deontological inappropriate.

  • With his/her participation, every participant agrees to the official rules and every decision of the organizers.

2. Team Selection

Once you are registered and received a password, you can start building your team. Therefore, you have to log in and go to "Select your team". On the right side, you will see the complete list of riders. From that list you can select the riders for your team, which will appear on the left.

Don't forget to save your team in time. You can change it as much as you want until the end of the registration period (25 February 2022, 11h00 pm CET). Each time you save your selection, you will receive a confirmation mail.


Each selection must consist of exactly 15 (different!) riders. An incomplete selection is not allowed. The order in which you select your team is not important. When selecting your team, you may not exceed your budget of 6.000 CQ.

  • If you want to choose a rider who is not on the selection list, you can send a request to add that rider to the list (button "request new rider"). 
  • It is the explicit responsability of the participant to check the correct registration of his/her team and to report possible faults.
  • Do NOT wait until the utter registration deadline to send in a complete team! Server problems are always possible.
3. Transfers
Chicabike consists of 4 periods (see our calendar).  Periods 2 to 4 are preceded by a short transfer period.

During each transfer period you can pick maximum 3 riders from your team and change them for as many new riders (as your selection always has to consist of 15 riders).  But, obviously, the budgetary restriction, which is summarised as follows, remains:

Rest Budget = Amount of CQ-points of your working budget you did not use at your last transfer period (or at your registration).

Working Budget = Rest budget of the last period + The new (!) CQ-points of the riders you are willing to throw out of your team. 

The sum of the CQ-values of the new riders may not exceed the working budget !

At your registration the total amount of CQ-points of your initial selection of 15 riders = 5850 points.  Because your working budget was 6000 points, your rest budget at the beginning of the competition will be 150 points.

When you then, during the first transfer periode, want to change Johansson (e.g. 1600 points on the new CQ-list) and Bronzini (e.g. 900 points), your working budget will be 150+1600+900=2650 points.  Thus, the total amount of CQ-points of your 2 new riders has to be less than 2650.  When you pick, for example, Vos (e.g. 1750 points) and Longo Borghini (e.g. 850 points), your new rest budget will be 2650-1750-850=50 points.  This rest budget can be used during the next transfer period (but it will not be added to your Chicabike-points!)


To enter your transfers you have to log in and go to "Tranferperiod X ". On the left side you will see your selection, on the right side the complete list of riders. Left, you have to select the riders (1, 2 or 3) who you want to transfer out of your team. Right, you have to select the riders you want to transfer into your team.

Don't forget to save your transfers in time. You can change them as much as you want until the end of the transfer period. Each time you save your selection, you will receive a confirmation mail. The deadline for the transfers is invariably the evening (11h00 p.m.) before the first race of a new period. The exact dates can be found on our calendar

  • Races which have place during a transfer period belong to the previous period. The transfers done during a transfer period will start to count from the first race after the end of the transfer period.
  • If you want to choose a rider who is not on the transfer list, you can send a request to add that rider to the list (button "request new rider"). 
  • Do NOT wait until the final minutes of the transfer period to send in your transfers!  

4. Scoring Points
Once you registered a team, your riders can start scoring points for you. They can only do that in the races on our calendar. The chicabike-points in those races are equal to the corresponding CQ-points. Read more about the CQ-points on

The Chica-rule of 8!

Only the 8 best scoring riders of each selection can score points, both in one day races as in stage races. As from the 9th rider in a selection who earns CQ-points in that race, ZERO chicabike-points are awarded for that rider in that particular race. 

The Chica-reference & corrections
  • The source for the Chicabike results is
  • If a result is corrected, this will be taken into account for the Chicabike competition when the correction is made within 5 days after the end of the race (a race held on February 28th will not be corrected after March 5th 23.59 p.m.).  E.g. when a rider is crossed out from a result after one month, because of a positive doping control, then the concerning result will not be corrected.
  • The rule above also applies for incomplete results.  On the basis of an incomplete result a provisional result can be calculated.  If, after 5 days, still no complete result is available, this result is considered definite.
  • Should a race (or a stage) be cancelled (for any reason whatsoever), then no points will be awarded for this race.

  • Result per race: After every race a classification of all chicabike players will be made.  In case of an ex-aequo (two or more participants score the same amount of points) the players will be classified in decreasing order of rest budget.  If the rest budget is equal as well, the backnumber is decisive (in rising order). In a stage race there will be a classification per stage, one for the final ranking and a total classification (stages and final ranking).
  • Ranking = General classification: The most important ranking, determined by the sum of all points scored in Chicabike races. The winner of Chicabike is the participant who scored the most points at the end of October, after the Tour of Guangxi Women's WorldTour.
  • Other rankings: there are many other rankings and statistics: A ranking per period, the world cup ranking, the victory ranking, ... They can all be found on our statistics page.

5. Races
Chicabike takes the following races into account:
  • The Olympic Games (OG): individual time trial and road race
  • The World Championships (WC): individual time trial and road race
  • All World Tour races (1.WWT & 2.WWT)
  • All Grand Tours (GT)
  • All 2.Pro stage races
  • All 2.1 stage races
  • All 1.Pro one day races
  • All 1.1 one day races 
  • The European and Panamerican continental championships (CC1): road races
  • The National Championships of the top-10 Countries at the end of the previous year (NC1), except for Australia: road races.

The complete calendar can be found here.

  • We categorize the Giro and Tour de France as GT, not as 2.WWT (as the UCI does)
  • The organization has the right to change the calendar, when the UCI adds a new race to their calendar or changes the race category of a race.
6. Credits
Founding Father   Jasper Van Hoof
Webmasters & Game Administration   Marcel Luyckx
Michel Verbeke
Filip Mas
Concept Consultancy & Technical Support


Peter Samoy

Mark Vanderwegen

Counsil of Wisdom   Marcel Luyckx, Filip Mas, Steven Raeman, Peter Samoy, Mark Vanderwegen, Daam Van Reeth and Michel Verbeke.

The Council of Wisdom examines the points of discussion (not mentioned in these rules) concerning Chicabike.  This Council decides by majority. 

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