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Getting Started

You can find the official Chicabike rules here. You can read everything about how to register, how to select your team, how to score points,...

Login to select your team, let us know your transfers or vote for the chicabike polls.



When you want to win Chicabike it is important to know how many points can be scored in the races on the calendar. A good analysis of the calendar is a requirement for a balanced selection.  On the Chicabike calendar you will find all the important races: from the Olympic Games to the World Cup races and from the World Championships to the the 1st categorie races.

The Game

This list of players is the start page for results and selections of the various participants.

During the registration period, we try to update the list of registered participants on a daily basis.  Obviously we will keep the selections secret then.


The most important ranking in Chicabike: the overall ranking, the general classification,... call it as you like.


This is the place for all important results.  After each race on our calendar the race result, the Chicabike result and the ranking (or general classification) can be found here.



Chicabike likes statistics, and fanatics will surely find their way to this page.  We will present alternative rankings for the World Cup, for the other race types, but also rankings per period, etc. There will always be a ranking with your name in front.

All the riders and their results in this season can be found here.  
There is a page per letter, to split up the hundreds of riders in our database.  To find out which player chose a certain rider, you just have to click on the name of the particular rider; check out results next to a rider's name to take a look at a rider's... euh... results.

All info about the teams in our database can be found here: riders, management, website,...

If you want to know what your chances are on success, this is an interesting appliance.  Here you can combine up to 5 riders and ask in which team this combination occurs.  Different race situations provide different lists of possible winners.  Very stressy if you are in a winning position...

Which rider already scored the most points? Who is the best sprinter or climber? Who scores her points rather in stage-races than in one-day races? Who is the most popular rider?... Answers to those kind of questions can be found on this page. 


Which riders do you have in common with your rivals? And who are your secret weapons? Compare here your selection with those of the other participants.
Chicabike started in 2003. The final ranking of all previous editions can be found here, together with a link to the websites. 

Blablabla & Community

Become a fan of Chicabike.   
Who are the people behind Chicabike?
If there are enough people interested we can organize a chat session here.   
On our forum you can discuss women's cycling (and life in general) with other chicabikers. If you found some interesting news about a rider on the net, want to hear the opinion of other people about an upcoming race or just want to present yourself... this is the place to be.

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